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Reliance is a privately held hydraulic frac company with four camps in the Appalachian and Illinois Basins.  We are a family-first company made up of seasoned, knowledgeable and unyielding frac hands.  Formed in 2008, Reliance is 200 trucks strong with a fleet of body loads built for the tight, steep and rugged conditions of the Appalachians and the low impact farming communities in Illinois.

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Collectively, Reliance's employees have decades of experience across multiple frac disciplines including slick waters, straight nitrogen, foamed fracs, nitrogen assists, acidations, foamed acid, and borate cross-link fracs. With the largest fleet of high-rate nitrogen pumpers East of the Mississippi, Reliance also does pipeline purges and other high-rate, high-pressure industrial assists.

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Inquire about Reliance's background and depth of knowledge in your area.

Inquire about Reliance's background and depth of knowledge in your area.

Reliance has administrative offices and a manufacturing facility in Erie, Pennsylvania as well as frac camps in Allen, Kentucky, Jenkins, Kentucky, Zanesville, Ohio and in Carmi, Illinois.  Our primary states of operation throughout the Appalachians, north to south, are New York (gas storage), Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Alabama.  In the Illinois Basin, we operate in Indiana and Illinois. 

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