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The Components of Fracing

Our fleet is large enough to move efficiently through multi-stage slick-water horizontals and small enough to pump single-stage, low-pressure, low-rate acid jobs. We are the largest nitrogen pumper East of the Mississippi and are proficient in straight nitrogen, foam fracs, foamed acid fracs and pipeline purges. 


Slick Water
Slick Water Fracing

Slick water fracs use friction reducing, low viscosity water-based fracturing fluids and high pumping rates to carry and place sand proppant into fractures. Reliance's horizontal jobs are typically slick water treatments.

Nitrogen (N2) Fracs

N2 fracs are most often done on coalbeds, low-pressure shales or water-sensitive sand and shales. Reliance routinely pumps jobs in the 10,000 to 100,000 scfm range with volumes of N2 running into the millions.

Foam Fracs

Reliance fracs well over fifty foam treatments a year, typically in gas storage wells and in rock formations that are low pressure and/or water sensitive. Foam fracs are a mix of slick water and N2 pumped together in specified percentages expressed as a quality or percentage of N2 in the frac fluid. Reliance is extremely proud of its ability to do complicated jobs day-in-and-day-out without issue. It's largest customer, a public gas transmission company, recently named Reliance its top services-related vendor.

Cross Linked Fracs

Cross linked fracs are an extension of linear guar fracture treatments. Hydrated bean extract (guar) is mixed with a borate based cross-linker that is sheared into enormous viscosities that can carry heavy sand concentrations at low rates. Intensive quality control and maintaining a pH neutral balance is mandatory in cross-links and is another treatment discipline common to Reliance.

Acid and Foamed Acid Jobs

Extraordinary measures of safety, the proper equipment and experienced hands are required for straight acid pumps and energized acid and N2 mixes. Though routine to Reliance, any acid or foamed acid job is treated with caution and a deference to HSE protocols.

Responsible Fracing

Thoroughness from the start

Reliance never stops building new equipment and never stops training its employees.   It provides the equipment absolutely best-suited to your job and it provides its people with the resources needed to get in and get out without undue time on location.  Safety is more than just talking about safety.  It is an ongoing investment in people and equipment and an absolute commitment to preserving everyone's health and welfare.