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Working at Reliance

  • Great pay and benefits
  • Family-first atmosphere
  • Respected — every employee has the authority to stop work
  • Safety first where people are Reliance's premium assets
  • Training — including on and off-road driving oversight
  • Frac School where the process of fracing is taught so that everyone is involved in every job

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Honor, Integrity, Prosperity


Reliance Well Frac School

Education as a pillar of employment

Reliance established a frac school for both new and long-time employees.  It is essential that every person on-site understand the process of fracing a well and their role in the process.

A Career in Fracing

With a team like no other

At Reliance, we pride ourselves in not only providing jobs but also opportunities for growth, development, and leadership.  Hard and smart work are rewarded.  You have a voice and you will be encouraged to use it. 

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