Working with Reliance Well Services
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Working at Reliance

Reliance Wants You to Do Well

  • Great pay and benefits
  • Family-first atmosphere
  • Respected — every employee has the authority to stop work
  • Safety where each crew has an embedded full-time safety manager
  • Training — including on and off-road driving oversight
  • Frac School where the process of fracing is taught so that everyone is involved in every job

Meet the Team

Honor, Integrity, Family, Prosperity


Employment with RWS

Reliance recognizes that good employees make a good company.  In order to hire and keep good employees, we pay well and offer great benefits.

View some of the perks of working for Reliance Well Services. 

Reliance Well Frac School

Education as a pillar of employment

Reliance also established a frac school for both new and long-time employees, as we have discovered that it is essential that every person on-site understand the process of fracing a well and their role in the process.

For more information about how to join the RWS team, frac school, or to find answers to general employment questions, reach out to Reliance Well Services today. 

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A Career in Fracing

With a team like no other

At Reliance, we pride ourselves in not only providing jobs but also opportunities for growth, development, and leadership within the company.  Hard and smart work are rewarded.  You have a voice and you will be encouraged to use it.

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