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Digital applications and computer rendering are commonly offered by most frac service providers.  Reliance has a long history with NOV Rolligon, a globally respected fabricator offering the most durable and up-to-date treatment-related data acquisition systems and software.


Keeping Current with Evolving Technology

Innovation is the bedrock of technology for oil and gas service companies.  Change is constant and necessitates a high level of discipline to keep up with the evolution of best practices.  Reliance itself has created systems to dampen particulate fines when running silica sands.  We've developed better chemical handling and disbursement practices.  We have engaged in a study of polyacrylamides with the National Energy Technology Laboratory, funded by the Department of Energy and have worked alongside engineers at Battelle on a number of treatments.  

Reliance is committed to fully engaging with experts across all disciplines and is constantly testing its own practices against newly evolving practices within our industry. That is the reason why Reliance is on a first-call basis with nearly every operator it has ever worked with.


Our reputation is more important to us than our revenue stream.

Transparency with customers, employees, and vendors is at Reliance's core.  Every job will have an open mic. Meeting will never be held away from customers. Shortfalls, if any, will be immediately disclosed with the understanding that you can fix a mistake but never a falsehood.

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